Agence le Rocher Communication (ALRC)

communication consultancy firm for companies and institutions created by Wils Bérangine BONGHALE


« We are architects at the service of a brand: we lay the foundations, develop it, bring it to life so that it shines with its consumers but also within the company from which it originates. »

Notre expertise :

  • Press and médias,
  • Community Manager,
  • Public relations
  • Design, products and architecture,
  • Video Marketing,
  • E-learning,
  • Youtube Pro,
  • ALRC TV channel,
  • Graphic design,
  • Applications mobiles,
  • Video Powerpoint presentation
  • Web Design,Search Engine Optimization and Web Traffic,
  • Podcast, radio

Our Philosophy

Quality :
Our top priority is to provide services of the highest quality. We guarantee that we will not stop until you are fully satisfied..

Efficiency :
We pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our methods and solutions, but we strive to improve to deliver better and better results..

Fair pricing :
Our first priority is to satisfy our customers. This is why we believe in the importance of offering fair and transparent prices, with no hidden fees or extra charges. .


We offer a wide variety of professional services to meet your needs. We promise to serve you with a smile to ensure your complete satisfaction.


Our areas of intervention :

  • Energy






















  • Bank and Assurances










  • Tourism

  • Industrie






















  • Transport and logistics










  • Public Sector

Our offer

Agence le Rocher Communication (ALRC) is a communication consultancy for companies and institutions. The agency is aimed at new players in the economy and historical decision-makers. From now on, the evaluation of reputation stakes are essential to make decisions. Communication has become a strategic lever to transform companies. Faced with these expectations, our role is to contribute to the decisions made by managers..​

Agence le Rocher Communication accompanies and brings a new point of view, a sound judgment and a singular light on the structures we advise. The agency proposes a method and innovative practices to managers for communication, research and development of products and services.

Agence le Rocher Communication defends the identity of the structures, which is a condition for their credibility and that of their leaders..

To meet these challenges, the Agence le Rocher communication has 15 powerful levers at its disposal.

Our jobs can't be improvised. They are the answer to the economic difficulties and challenges of our time. Our goal is to have loyal and confident customers. This is why we want to surprise them by exceeding our objectives..


Agence le Rocher Communication accompanies and brings a new point of view, a sound judgement and a singular light on the structures we advise. It proposes a method and innovative practices to managers for communication, research and development of products and services..

Corporate communication

Communication and support (advertising publishing, marketing, media, crisis communication, luxury, social networks, publishing, communication, etc.)

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multi-channel) Through multiple business lines, this service ensures sustainable customer communication..

Public relations with the media

This service ensures the public representation of companies and institutions. By federating a large public around

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cardinal values that restore the confidence of the market or citizens.

Crisis communication

In today's tough times, crisis communication is essential to provide a solution to problems.

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emblems related to several types of conflicts at that time. This crisis communication, comes as if to propose, appease and restore the confidence of its clients or its public.

Video Marketing

ALRC has all the expertise and skills necessary to create and successfully manage a video marketing campaign for your company..

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We will help you increase your visibility and promote your unique content on all major digital websites.

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Marc Fournier

Director / Company

" I've already done my first online video conference and it's fabulous! It works perfectly for us, thank you ALRC!"

Louise Chevalier

Marketing / Company

" We go through ALRC for our video presentations. Their tools are top of the line and fantastic, I recommend them. Thank you ALRC for the good work, bravooo to the whole team."

Sarah Lemaire

Sales / Company

" We use the services of the ALRC agency for our powerpoint video presentations. It seems to be a fantastic tool for video presentation because this product is great. Keep up the great work." Congratulations ALRC and bravo!

Jules Bertrand

Communication Consultant / E

" I got to know you through your service which has given me enormous success. ALRC, your tools are very powerful because I was able to get several clients the first week I worked from home because everything is locked in here. Great and thank you ALRC.

Executive Director ALRC

Wils Bérangine BONGHALE

"Women's entrepreneurship has never been easier than it is today. The more society evolves, the more it offers women new opportunities to get started. However, these difficulties do not hinder women's momentum throughout the world, and it is with this in mind that I created the agency le Rocher Communication in 2017. To sum up, the main activity of the agency le Rocher communication is based on a structure that helps companies and institutions to develop in France and Europe. Symmetrically, the structure assists French companies and institutions in investing in Sub-Saharan Africa.."



4 rue Aristide Maillol 75015 Paris


+33 6 58 79 43 86

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